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How do you capitalize your business?  Do you take on debt? From friends and family or from institutions?  Do you issue equity?  What are its terms?  Do you give up a lot of control or a little?  And what about compliance with securities laws?  Should you file federal notice forms?  Or should you use a local exemption?  The details may seem daunting at first, and they certainly can be, but we at Hoeg Law have helped structure and negotiate countless transactions from both sides of the equation.  

We've helped memorialize a start-up's promissory notes to the founder's aunts and uncles, we've helped venture funds negotiate the terms of a Series E follow-on round, and we've done everything in between.  We've also helped make sure that those same transactions were in full compliance with both federal and state securities laws. From whatever side you approach the question, Hoeg Law can help.

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