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From the very start of your new endeavor, the law can be both a protective shield and a daunting adversary.  Unfortunately, if not considered and dealt with at the outset, that "adversary" can have a wide ranging and negative impact on both your ability to operate in the present and on any financing or sale transactions you might pursue in the future.  Let Hoeg Law help guide you through the process.  

From deciding on whether to form your entity in Michigan or Delaware (or anyplace else), to determining just who will sit on your board of directors or management committee, we can help you determine the structure that is right for you.  Then, once you're up and running, we can help you manage the day-to-day compliance issues, so that "limited liability" stays "limited liability".   

Stock Certificates
​Non-Disclosure Agreements
Inventions Assignment Agreements
Employee Offer Letters

Formation and Governance

Representative Services

Limited Liability Company Agreements
Structure and Domicile Counseling
Board Meetings
Minute Books
​​Articles/Certificate of Incorporation
Board and Shareholder Resolutions
Incentive and Option Plans