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Whether you're starting your first company or your fiftieth, there is always a lot to consider and keep track of. We at Hoeg Law can help. We've formed Nevada corporations, Delaware limited liability companies, and everything in between. We've helped students and professors begin realizing their dreams of spinning off University research, and multinational corporations create subsidiaries to better structure their operations and legal position. 

And formation is only the start.  From annual meetings to special corporate resolutions, fiduciary advice to stock option plans, supplier contracts to venture capital investments, there's certainly a lot to take in, but we've seen it all, and we're ready to help.

​​​Business Law

Start Up Your Start-Up


"GC-in-a-box" is Hoeg Law's innovative retainer program, in which clients pay a flat monthly fee to receive a set number of hours of firm time and attention, at a significant discount to the firm's standard hourly billing model.  

Whether you're a first time entrepreneur or a seasoned veteran, starting any new endeavor can be daunting, and doing it the right way can be expensive.  We understand what you do: a new enterprise doesn't yet have revenue and relies on the largess (and pocketbook) of its founders, the very people who believe in it enough to take the leap. Our "Start Up Your Start-Up" program seeks to meet these founders were they need it the most, the bottom line. 

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Formation and Governance

Corporate Finance

Commercial Contracts

As members of the program, clients seeking to form a Michigan or Delaware entity pay a flat fee (heavily discounted from the firm's normal already low hourly rates), and walk away with a fully formed, fully documented entity, ready to do business.  

Our Services

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Venture Capital

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As a member of the program, clients will be able to treat the firm as their personal in-house counsel, at a fraction of the price and with the monthly cost certainty commonly associated with fixed-fee arrangements.